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Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 4.67 | Words: 2,542 | Tags: ex-wifw anal deepthroat tryst | 6 Comments Han's magic hands and ass do their thing I’ve already written a few stories about my time with Han.

When I peruse the list of story categories on this site, I feel pretty sure that we made worthwhile content for most of them.

But the semester is almost over, so freedom is in sight. Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 4.85 | Words: 2,338 | Tags: anal lesbian feet slut cum oral teacher | 23 Comments Sometimes sex with an Ex is just what we need. Kathleen calls me at lunch one day and while we are...She wasn't dressed well for that sort of furtive voyeurism.The curve of her breasts under cotton was certainly alluring, but after a day of that, I wanted to see more....Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,373 | Tags: anal shower flatmate friend | 2 Comments A beautiful morning encounter. As I blinked my eyes awake, I noticed the open window to the left of my bedframe.Rubbing the chilled skin on my shoulder I looked over to the other side of my bed.

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