Recycle bin icon not updating windows 7

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One obvious change is the Recycle Bin icon that sits on the desktop.Microsoft has tweaked its Recycle Bin several times during the Windows lifetime, but it kept the same Windows 7 version for the Windows 8 release.Use the instructions above, but on step 5 you can select any of the icons and then click the Change icon button to select a new icon style.Quick Tip: If you prefer to call the desktop icon "Computer," like in Windows 7, instead of "This PC", you can quickly right-click the icon and choose the Rename option.There are many more icons in Windows 10 that really don’t look good on a modern operating system, but since the Recycle Bin icon is there right on the desktop and visible always, you may want to change the default icon of Recycle Bin in Windows 10 with a cool looking one.Luckily, like previous Windows versions, you don’t need to download a third-party software to replace the default Recycle Bin icon with a custom one.

I recreated the simple shape in less than a minute in Fresh Paint, and the result is equally impressive (it sucks).The running theme is flat, simplistic, basic icons that are very colorful.The reaction has been similar to when Microsoft first introduced its Luna visual style to Windows XP.Although the traditional shortcuts are not part of the desktop anymore, they are still part of the OS.If you feel a little nostalgic, or you just find them useful, you can still bring those old icons back to your Windows 10 desktop.

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