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These are very interesting questions, Ariella, thank you!

I’ve encountered this a lot, and in my experience the answer is that no, it is not necessary for both Twins to awaken to start with.

So it is fully possible for one Twin to do the work required to bring the two into balance and ready their energies for Union, although most often the “non-awakened” Twin’s higher self will be assisting in the clearing even if the person doesn’t realize it on a conscious ego level.

Even though a Twin Flame seems to be inactive on the surface ego level, there are always unseen forces at play spiritually.

The Twin Flame Union is above all an energetic merging; we can tend to think of it in terms of our earthly romantic relationships or marriage but really it’s a coming back together of the two energies that were once a single nucleus.

In one sense you could look at the Union it as becoming more each other – there is a sharing of energy made possible and this is why it is necessary for the two Twins’ energies to be aligned beforehand.

We even included a loop folder with inspired Metro Boomin type loops.

Many Twin Flame pairs actually pre-arrange the dynamic before incarnating together, ensuring that one will be the more spiritually attuned and is triggered to go through awakening sooner than the other; developing their spiritual understanding so that when the time comes for the two to connect that person can “pull the other along with them” and lead the way.Therefore they too serve this purpose of bringing the high energies of love into the world.Twin Flame pairs might have other specific individual missions they are working on but this purpose of bringing the energy of love into the world in one way or another is universal.IL MENU Per tenere fede e dare lustro al Mulino, lo Chef propone pasta e dolci fatti in casa, carne cotta alla brace, percorsi di salumi e formaggi, accompagnati da miele e mostarde, nonché pane e pizza rigorosamente cotti nel forno a legna.Menù personalizzati in base al periodo con prodotti sempre freschi e un’attenzione particolare al dettaglio nella preparazione delle singole pietanze.

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